Ng Sang Leng

I am 48 years of age.   Last January in 2013, I was diagnosed with third-stage colon cancer.  After an operation to remove the cancerous growth, I was to undergo eight sessions of chemotherapy.  Unfortunately, I was forced to stop after the seventh session, as the therapy had caused substantial damage to my nerves. Both specialists, neurologist and chemotherapist, attending to me then gave me the `death sentence’.   They told me that I was beyond medical help.  I was asked to wait… if I would ever recover or wait for my time. I was incapacitated and the physiotherapist proposed that I use a wheelchair to help me get around.   Life then was a living hell.   I could not cope with simple daily activities such as washing my face, brushing my teeth, bathing or even feeding myself.  Thank goodness, I have a good and loving wife who stood by me and took care of me. The chemotherapy had resulted in me feeling numb all over my body.  It was even more intense in both my legs and arms.  I felt severe coldness in my body as if I was soaked in icy cold water 24/7. By chance, I met Ms Karin Ng.  She advised that I took up qigong with Master Jeffrey Ng from Innate Wisdom Qigong. I took the advice and started practising qigong with Master Jeffrey Ng.  His freestyle qigong is really fantastic and amazing. The initial three months, I could only manage to swing both my arms gently while standing in a stationary position. Once into the fourth month, my movements changed.  The movements were bigger and stronger.  I found myself doing tai-chi, kung-fu, dancing, warm-up exercises, twisting, bending, walking in circles, jumping and even running!  I was no longer rooted to a particular spot and able to move around unsupported.  Before, I could only move about with support from my love ones. These are things that I could not imagine doing after the damage caused by the therapy. I become very agile whenever I am practising qigong.  I have been given a new lease of life – liberated! The wonderful healing (both physically and mentally) is beyond words and descriptions; one can only experience it to feel the goodness and the amazing effects. Now, six month into this wonderful qigong with Master Jeffrey Ng, many of my friends have commented that I look much better than before.  Though the numbness still persists and seems to be getting stronger in both my arms and legs, it is part of the healing process. Before taking up qigong, I was like totally physically impaired.  After the qigong sessions, I have regained some control over my body and become independent.  I can now manage the simple daily chores on my own. I hope this ` Wonder Qigong’ can defeat the `Sickness Demon’ and release me from `captivity’.   I am looking to regain total mobility and become a happy person again.  March 2014

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