1.   When practising Innate Wisdom Qigong, why would the  ’Qi’ lead one to execute many types of movements which may appear extraordinary at times?

This is a normal consequence of the practice.  This is the external manifestation of one’s internal ‘Qi’ or flow of energy within the Eight Extraordinary Qi Vessels ( or Meridians, Chinese – 奇经八脉).  This will naturally result in the practitioner producing unimaginable bodily movements beyond their usual expectations.  During practice, the person is fully aware of what is happening, in contrast to certain types of hypnotic or trance states.

2.   Will these movements stop eventually?

Yes.  Once the flow of ‘Qi’ around the Eight Extraordinary Qi Vessels become unimpeded with practice, the practitioner’s outward movements will diminish and become more silent or stop eventually. As the practitioner becomes more calm / silent in his/her mind and body, he/she enters into a deepening space of Stillness in his/her consciousness .

3.   What is Qigong?

Qigong is a product of crystallisation between Chinese culture and healthcare/wellness from ancient and modern times. Its source is from Nature, its a natural form of healing , human beings being an integral part of nature; drawing from cosmic quintessential energy of the universe ,  channelling and converting it into one’s body of energy, invigorating and strengthening the body, healing and cultivating the mind, regulating one’s internal bodily organs, stabilising the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures. ( Chinese – 七情六欲).

4.   Does a male practise qigong differently from a female? Will the male practitioner focus more on utilising the left side of his body and female on the right side of hers?

There is no difference in the way a male and female person practice qigong . There is no necessity for either gender to emphasize on utilising one side of the body over another. Otherwise, a male with a left sided impairment or a woman with a right sided impairment will not be able to do qigong. The practice is a well-balanced workout as per one’s bodily needs, flowing with the innate movement of one’s Qi circulations.

5.   Is it necessary to activate or unblock the Qi circulations in the Ren ( Governing Vessel ) and Du ( Conception Vessel ) meridians? Will the activation lead to one attain a higher level of consciousness in qigong practice? Should the Qi circulations in the Ren and Du meridians be activated first in a beginner practitioner before commencing practice?

The Ren and Du meridians are the main meridians running vertically through the centre of the body, front and back in a looping cycle.  The two meridians are connected and the qi are always flowing continuously, albeit strong or weak. Hence there is no activation or unblocking required.  Qi circulation in the Ren Du meridians are required for human growth and development.  Even as the Qi circulations in the Ren Du meridians are flowing, whether it is weak or strong , or with certain qualities, the individual may or may not be able to perceive it.

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