Master Jeffrey Ng has been practicing Innate Wisdom Qigong for the past 50 years. As a child, Master Ng was sickly and weak. He had difficulty expressing himself with his speech and would stammer. Looking way older than his peers at seven, he struggled with turning his body due to a weak lower back, experienced giddy spells and had a body which alternated between feeling hot and cold. He was obstinate and impatient and tend to keep his suffering to himself. As time went on, his condition worsened.

At 11, he found his first spiritual master, a renowned Abbot of a well-known Buddhist Temple in Singapore. Under him, Master Ng was taught martial arts and Zen meditation. His tutelage was short-lived. His master passed away two years later. Although his health was not completely rejuvenated, his heart and mind gained more ease and peace from his practices.

Unexpectedly four years later, Master Ng suffered a major illness. While being treated in hospital, the doctors gave the teenager a terminal prognosis with at most a one and a half year extension of life. Master Ng was unfazed by this piece of bad news in part due to his practice of Zen. He was also reminded of a phrase from his master before, which is ‘ to leave his illness in the hands of his physicians, and his life or fate to Buddha ‘ . This gave him strength to live on and not give up.

Determined to find a miracle cure, Master Ng, then 18, left for China and sought the guidance of three famous Qigong Masters and practiced under them for a period of half a year. During that time, the methods that were taught to him which included breathing techniques, the manipulation of Qi circulation within the meridian channels of the body, etc, did not significantly change his health condition. In an urgent bid to make the most use of his limited time, he decided to continue his search for a suitable teacher and cure. 

As destiny would have it, just when his money and time in China was about to come to an end, Master Ng found his true master, a recluse monk living in the wilderness, on a famous mountain in China. Under his tutelage, he endured a daily gruelling one hour forty minute climb up the mountain in the wee hours of the morning, from the village on the foothills of the mountain where he stayed, to meet his teacher up on the mountain, regardless of wind or rain, to practice daily and diligently with him.

Master Ng found his teacher’s method simple yet profound. There was no fixed practice or instruction in his teacher’s practice. There was no specific breathing method either, no preconceived idea or plan of how one should begin, yet the practice would arise from and unfold from within. From his hours of practice, he realised that his teacher’s style of qigong was not just simply about cultivating Qi. It was about the cultivation of one’s mind and body, resulting in a synthesis of Qigong and Zen, an Awakening of the Self, one’s Innate Wisdom from within.

It is within this framework of consciousness that Master Ng continually practiced without cease, eight hours a day for two years. Eventually his illness left him. He was completely healed. Master Ng rejuvenated to youthfulness he had never experienced before, and underwent a radical transformation in mind, body and spirit during these two years. Since then, Master Ng has never been ill.

Today, in 2013, Master Ng is 68 years old. He is a vibrant and jovial man, full of life and vitality. Master Ng spends most of his daily life guiding students in their practice and healing people with various illnesses and afflictions in their life. Master Ng expresses his deep gratitude and love for his teachers, for their wise, compassionate guidance and training he received from them.