My experience with practising Innate Wisdom Qigong so far has been as follows: Best to keep one’s mind and body relaxed as much as possible, and go with the flow of movement, practice diligently with heart, and one will gradually experience the circulation of Qi within the body. With time, the experience of Qi flowing through the various energetic meridians in one’s body will be clearly perceived. A beginner practitioner may experience a lot of bodily movements during qigong initially, this is part of the natural process of awakening and cultivation, where the individual’s illnesses and issues get highlighted , processed and eliminated out of his/her system. The `Gongfa’ or practice will keep evolving , with a change in form and style of the bodily movements with time , as the practitioner move from one stage to the next. With constant and diligent practice, one will become more silent and still and will start to automatically sit down and meditate. This is cultivation of the mind-body and spirit, the more silent and still inwardly, the better. With deeper levels of silence, one may develop the wisdom to understand the mysteries and wondrous nature of the universe. This is a truly remarkable and unbelievable thing to experience!

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