Innate Wisdom Qigong  (自性养生气功)  is a simple, easy to learn, deep and profound form of practice. There is no fixed technique, set practice, no fixed doctrine involved, no breathing methods, no fixed point of focus or conscious manipulation of energy or ‘Qi’ circulation in the body in contrast to more conventional forms of qigong or chinese martial arts.

In this practice, one awakens to one’s natural flow of ‘Qi’ movement within the body, which spontaneously generates and directs outward bodily movements. In so doing, self- healing and self -realisation ensues. It may be regarded as a style of ‘free form’ qigong.

Innate Wisdom Qigong honours the unique individuality of the person. The student discover for himself or herself who they truly are ! As the intrinsic essence or nature of every person is unique, the physical expression of the form during qigong exercise will be unique too. This is something that cannot be mimicked or reproduced by other people. When innate natural knowing arises within the individual, it gradually guides the individual in his or her own process of healing, personal growth and daily living.

Students find a lot of joy, inspiration, freedom and vitality practising Innate Wisdom Qigong. Have fun ! Ha Ha

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