Ang Li Zhen

I have been practising Innate Wisdom Qigong for 3-4 months. In the beginning, I kept asking Master Ng why is it that I’m not able to experience any or much movement during practice. He told me to keep practising diligently. I did so and eventually I started to experience bodily movements which began as big movements which with time became smaller and still. I also started perceiving Lights during practice. After practising for 49 days, I was able to take in solar energy from the sun, resulting in the experience of warm Yang Energy penetrating my body.  I also began to spontaneously pat my body with my hands and press on various acupressure points on my body as well. After the session, my body felt revitalised, energetic and rejuvenated.

Huang LiLi

I have practised Innate Wisdom Qigong for 3 months, and initially I was just standing with little movement.  After persisting for 2 and a half months, I gradually experienced big movements during qigong and was spinning 360 degrees turns during the practice which I found amazing. One morning, I suddenly was able to emit my Qi energy to my fellow students and also helped massage them naturally, which I could not believe. I discovered that with this type of qigong work, one develops an innate healing ability to help others heal their illnesses. I felt I was really reaping a lot of benefits doing this, doing good work for others and was filled with fulfilment. This work is also about self-healing, finding the innate wisdom within to heal.  My health has since improved dramatically with practice. I’m very grateful for Master Ng’s guidance and teachings.

Tan Beng Yin

My health has always been very poor since childhood. As an infant, I was constantly being fed medications by my mother.  As I was growing up, I had to visit doctors regularly for medications which did not result in any significant improvement.  I found my health deteriorating with time . I experienced chilliness in my body and my stomach was aching most of the time. Every morning daily, I experienced a runny nose. I was diagnosed to have allergic rhinitis by my doctor, and had an operation for that but my symptoms recurred again a few months after the operation. My hands and feet were as cold as an ice mountain most times, I had difficulty bending my back, and had weak knees. My body felt rigid and I experienced cramps, numbness and weakness in my legs from time to time and did not have the strength to walk. I had a tendency for joint aches and easily got my limbs injured as well.  Any form of physical activity or martial arts was ineffective in helping my process and in fact I was much worse off after doing them. I sought treatment from traditional Chinese medicine and western medical doctors with no significant improvement in my health condition. I felt that I had wasted a lot of money seeking treatment which couldn’t really address the source of my health issues and at times it felt as if I was a white mice being experimented upon by doctors, which caused me much suffering. Since encountering Innate Wisdom Qigong, I feel that I have finally found true health and wellness within me. After practising this form of qigong, people around me noticed that I have grown stronger physically and become more energetic. Now, I am able to walk, run and jump very well, I feel very much alive! I’m currently 55 years of age and I’m able to perform tasks or movements which many people of my age are unable to perform, I’m healthier than most people in their 30s and 40s , and appear very much younger for my age. In this qigong practice, there is stillness within movement, and movement within silence and stillness. In the midst of practising, there is a natural peace and ease.  Apart from reaping the many health benefits with this qigong work, there are also many hidden gems and treasures in this practice, awaiting for us to discover. May 2013.

Chen Yi Xi

When I started practising Innate Wisdom Qigong, my back ached as I bent forward and had difficulty getting back to standing position. I yelled for help for Master Ng to come over, who emitted his Qi to help heal and kickstart my process. Eventually, after a few days of practice, I was able to bend my back forward and up again well. I was filled with gratitude that I was able to reap the benefits of this practice. My temperament has also improved with this practice, this is truly unbelievable !

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