When I was first introduced by my brother to Innate Wisdom Qigong, I was not too eager to participate. He was optimistic that it will help to relieve my pains at the joints due to rheumatoid arthritis, including my insomnia for more than 3 years.

Master Ng patiently explained the techniques, expectations, and precautions associated with Innate Wisdom Qigong. As a beginner, he helped me into a relax state of mind and body prior to kick start my qi flow with his qigong manoeuvre. In my initial phase, I just stood there for quite some time without any movements. Amazingly as I continued to keep my body relaxed and mind free of thoughts, I started to experience slight swaying motions. Gradually my movements included bending my body forwards and backwards more than what I can normally do; circular motions at my hip; walking around in a circle. My arms were waving and hands moving in circular motions which went on for more than an hour. This all happened in my first day.

Later Master Ng explained to me the significance behind my body movements. Apparently I had qi blockage in some meridians of my body. While practicing Innate Qigong my qi would automatically flow to the locations of the blockage. As the qi attempted to break through or around the blockage, my body initiated various movements . Once that blockage had been cleared, a different body movement would reflect another blockage. For example the circular motions at my hip indicated that there was meridian blockage around my pelvis area while the slow circular motion of my hands would improve the qi circulation in my body.

After 2 days of practicsng Innate Qigong, for the first time in 3 years I slept early and through the night. To my joy, the pain at my joints were much reduced and I could move around without taking any pain- killer medication.

For me this is a blessing grace from God to know Master Ng. I am now in my seventh month of practicing Innate Wisdom Qigong. I notice that my health has much improved and cured of my insomnia. This motivates me to continue practising innate wisdom qigong daily with Master Ng and I advocate the benefits of the practice to my family and friends. Jan 2014.

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