Sharine Boey

My sharing, my journey and maybe a miracle? Through a friend’s referral, I came to Punggol Park seeking to learn qigong from Master Ng. I still remember when I first came, my neck, shoulders and lower back were constantly in pain as I was diagnosed with scoliosis condition. At times, I felt that I need to sit down after standing for about 30 minutes as my lower back would be in so much pain. To manage and relieve my pain, I had ongoing chiropractic treatments, remedial massages and acupuncture treatments. However, I notice that whenever I stop my treatments, my pain will always come back and while these treatments made me feel better temporarily, the pain never really go away. As such, I hope that learning and practicing qigong will help with my body’s internal circulation and strengthen my body to combat my scoliosis condition. I started coming weekly to practice and noticed that gradually over time, the pain seems to be less intense and I can stand for longer. When all seems to be going well, I was diagnosed to be HPV positive. Deep down, I felt really broken, both physically and mentally. For quite some time, I felt depressed. With encouragement from people around me, I continued to practice qigong. Not long after, I had the opportunity to hear about the Pure Land Teachings from Master Ng. As a Buddhist, I can relate to some of these teachings but never had any in-depth understanding. Through these teachings and the recitation of Amitabha, my faith develops. I believe that with my continued practice, I will be happy, healthy, contented and peaceful. As I continued my practice, on the physical side, there has no doubt been great improvements but first there is a bizarre one that I would like to share. I had a deep cyst on my chest that I had been trying to remove it for years but it just won’t clear. After practice one day, it decided to “pop” and smelly pus started oozing out. I am glad that this stubborn cyst of mine is now about gone! Never knew that qigong could also “pop” cyst! Haha! Now, let me come back to my earlier mentioned conditions. My neckache is gone. Although I still have tension on my shoulders and lower back, my scoliosis condition has improved a lot. I can stand and walk normally again! Most recently, during my routine medical check, I was also cleared of HPV! You can imagine how relief I was! Now I am very grateful for having good health back that I once took for granted. I am very thankful for Master Ng’s kind teachings, journeying with me in my practices and recovery all this time. Not only have I gained so much in terms of physical health improvement but mentally I feel much happier, more contented and peaceful. Miracle? Maybe. I certainly feel a sense of freedom with a renewed mind after coming out from the turn of events in my life. I shall consider myself extremely blessed and lucky to have found a hidden gem in the fairytale woods of Punggol Park. (Aug 2021)

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