Learn qigong? No way ! It’s not my cup of tea… Have been pretty sceptical about such stuff all my life. Ironically, I am practising it and basking in its healing effects which sometimes, I still find it hard to accept. It’s just that AMAZING, MYSTERIOUS and MIND-BOGGLING! Yet, it is also at the same time, fun and enjoyable as you explore deeper into it. That’s exactly how I feel about my encounter with Innate Wisdom Qigong. It’s just so strange and unbelievable! Six weeks into it and it has left me wide-eyed and awestruck. Its’ a real eye-opener. Every session is a new discovery, a new awakening, a new experience and good takeaways – both mentally and physically. The best part is to be in the state of the ‘Present’ and that is all that matters. Besides, it’s also a good workout – equivalent to a 2.4 km run ( for me ) without the panting and that awful feeling that you are going to keel over. After two accidents, I was a bundle of nerves. I was depressed, nervous, anxious and insecure. Even a slight unfamiliar sound would get me on tenterhooks. I would withdraw from everyone except for my immediate family. It was a battle and a struggle to meet anyone beyond those closest to me. Going or eating out was an uphill task and even that can send me into a state of anxiety. The only safe place I wanted to be in was home. I was almost incapacitated. A pretty bad shape I was in – not able to do the everyday stuff, and always needing someone to cling on to. It was pretty stressful for my supportive loved ones too. Thanks to Vee whom I met by chance – he recommended Innate Wisdom Qigong to me.  Strangely enough, I took it up without thinking twice. Three weeks into it, my confidence level returned and I am once again an independent person going about my usual business, including YELLING at my kids! ( Just kidding ). It was indeed a great liberation for that great leap of faith ! Two weeks ago, my heartbeat was racing at the level of 101 to 110 while at rest, a far cry from my normal 65 beats per minute. My body felt very warm and I thought I was having a fever but the thermometer showed only 36.6 degrees celsius!  I was feeling rather uncomfortable and worried. Then I had a consultation with Master Ng and Voila … the heart rate was back to an acceptable level of 89 in a jiffy!  The warmness also left me. I was soooo relieved and was over the moon!!  It’s definitely no placebo effect for I was still as sceptical when I went to him.  I was only convinced that it had worked after I saw the reading on the blood pressure monitor. During the healing process, I could smell whiffs of sandalwood coming from… my teacher!  My husband who was there chatting with him could not detect the scent at all.  Strange, isn’t it?  That’s not all!  Stranger still  is the sandalwood fragrance filled the car cabin whilst on my way home and then also in my house!  My daughter could smell it on her plush toy horse after I touched it but my boy could not get a whiff of it. ( Mind-boggling, isn’t it? ) The scent of sandalwood engulfed me the whole day and gradually dissipated in the evening.  Yet, the best part was that the next two days, my heart rate was at a decent level and I was pretty much at ease. Isn’t that AMAzInG and unbelievable?  I DO NOT NEED to make any conscious effort to slow down my activities, keep as dead as a doornail before taking my heartbeat  :) Those were two wonderful experiences that I had while practising Qigong.  I am looking forward to more amazing experiences down the road as I continue to practise. So come on down and check out this Innate  Wisdom Qigong thingy with Master Jeffrey Ng.  Who knows, you may be pleasantly surprised. No words can tell the wonders of Qigong, except experiencing it for oneself.  No worry, there are no steps to memorise, you just need to ‘sit back’ and let the Qi take over to make you a healthier and happier person. June 2013.

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