Zhi Jiang

I have practised Innate Wisdom Qigong for 5 months, and 10 years ago, I also practised meditation. On the 1st day of my practice, I did not experience anything. When I asked Master Ng about this, he just told me 2 words : Let Go !!!. I then told myself to patiently just practice and wait for results. Eventually, I experienced a very intense soreness and numb feeling in my entire being with practice. When Master Ng emitted Qi towards me, I felt my qi starting to flow in my body. After one month of practice, I was able to perceive my Dan Tian, the energetic centre below my navel. When the Qi comes, I allow it to flow its natural course. During practice, I observed that one of the students who has never practiced Tai Chi Quan before spontaneously did Tai Chi movements beautifully ! He was very sick initially when he came, but I noticed with time he was completely healed of his sickness with practice. (The secret ingredient in the practice is to Let Go ! and practice , practice, practice

!) Dorothy Chan 

I started Qigong on 5 Oct 09 and after 3 months , I have observed the following developments: 1. My systolic blood pressure used to be in the region of 142+ mmhg but not knowingly , I now discovered it has dropped to 135 mmhg, without any medication. My general health has improved, I feel more active, non-lethargic and can sleep better. I am happy and have lost 2 kg in less than 3 months of practice without dieting. 2. I have very weak and painful knees for many years. I have difficulty bending them and can never squat and also experienced difficulty sitting cross-legged, but to my surprise during qigong, my knees automatically bend and the beauty is that the Qi energy detects your body’s weakness and proceed to work on them. Now with the help of Qigong, I can squat for quite sometime. This surprised my family. My spine and joint stiffness have loosened and their discomfort reduced tremendously. Qigong also helped my numbness in my hands and legs due to poor circulation. 3. My left ankle was hit by an iron school gate on the 2nd week of October, which made it very painful and I walked with a limp. I told myself to get it massaged as this may become an old injury which may cause future problems. Surprisingly, during qigong practices, I found myself constantly massaging my own ankle and the pain eventually disappeared! This is something I find hard to believe but it is true. 4. On 18 Dec 09, I felt a sharp, burning sensation on one single spot on the sole of my right foot, likened to a cigarette burn, followed by a drilling sensation as if boring a hole through the ceiling which continued with sewing machine-like stitching pains which stop for an interval of 30 seconds to 1 minute before recurring again. This pattern repeated many times. It was a terrible feeling and the worst I have experienced in my whole life. When the attack came, I screamed in pain and had no choice but to visit TTSH A&E. I have to be confined to a wheelchair because I was afraid to put my right foot flat on the ground. After X-Rays and investigations, I waited my turn to see the doctor. I sat there and noticed that the pain gradually subsided and i can massage the spot again without any pain or fear. The doctor was puzzled and cannot diagnose my problem and just gave me painkillers. I left for home and felt perfectly alright. After this episode, I realised my body was experiencing more of this electric, magnetic, wavy , tickling , and at times needling feeling all over my body. I was curious and checked the internet and found that this type of sensation is connected to the Qi cleansing the different parts of the body. Probably there are blockages in my body, and the Qi is clearing them out. 5. I wish to thank my sister for introducing me to Qigong. On behalf of everyone, I thank Master Jeffrey Ng for ‘jump starting’ my Qi like a motorcar battery during the practices.

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