21.  We have seen in public places various Qigong performances which are very amazing and enigmatic.  Is Qigong that mystifying?  Can Qigong cure all sorts of illnesses?

As I have mentioned earlier, a performance is just but a collection of well-coordinated /rehearsed acts put together with an influence over the end results/outcomes.  It is neither that amazing nor mystifying.  In most cases,   the  acts are overly or  highly exaggerated.   Besides,  highly skilful Qigong masters usually keep a low profile and will not flaunt or display his skills that freely. I am certain qigong is not a cure for many illnesses.   In most cases, it serves to complement in the healing process.  Only the genuine Qigong masters may be able to cure/treat some chronic illnesses.

22.   A lot of protégés are not aware if they were indeed learning martial arts, qigong or just exercising.  Would it be good to advise them especially our friends and kins? It is better to just focus on your practice than to try to advise them.  Many are egoistic and would not listen as they have their own sets of strong beliefs.

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